Let’s get real apple, what is going on ? On one side we have the same design with more inconvenience for the iPhone(disappearing jack, that is) and on the other side we have more of the same design with even more inconvenience?! Mac with no ports?? Magsafe, is gone, replaced by USB C ports? If USB C was the future, might as well add that to the iPhone,as well, instead of a lighting port.

You need to order mac in two stages , let me show you what you need first :


Yes, that, all of it, and you need to carry it with you, everywhere. Now apple, I understand if this is a temporary situation. I’m now expecting stuff like mission impossible tech for what you’ve done. Like, when Ethan Hunt just put’s a USB on this tablet like screen and it just automatically reads everything, like this:images (3).jpg

And well, Apple seems to be confused for some reason, if you’ve noticed the 3.5mm jack still exists in the mac line up. In order to use the ear phones provided from apple, in an iPhone 7 box, you need a dongle as well , the one that comes in the box will not help either.2604c8c350d537bb08322a3ea7a94a0fcf8606b56e39ba1f62301224aa417e84.jpg

If apple needs a wireless future, this sure isn’t the way to do it and “courage” is not getting you guys any far, for that matter. The products are good, far better than the competitors, but the inconvenience is getting high as well. Might as well shift to something a bit slower and not have to carry so many things around.

Now all I can think of, when someone mentions a macbook pro is this:B_wHRhgWcAEy3O_.jpg

 But why can’t apple just be convenient, why does so much inconvenience come with it and still people prefer buying it? Innovation, seeing the future before others or just a blind customer base. Up to you, to decide. But hey, Apple is being all sweet and giving discounts on the dongles that you don’t want. So that’s something.

The pandemonium for engineers(Indian version)

Most of the engineers out there have completed a bachelors degree of some form(like “duh”). The confusion is not when you are studying, but what comes after. In the final years if you were one of those people who plan things or just after the university gets over. Either way, you’ll think of doing one of these two things : find a job or just go forward with your masters. Unless of course your dad is like a billionaire and you have a business meeting to attend to.

For any person in this time, finding a job would be a bit difficult, who am I kidding, its a lot harder. You need to be on top of everyone if you need a job and finding one that you are actually passionate enough, and something that is on the line of your liking, in that case you’re done. I mean congrats mate, you are one of those people in this world who is just fortunate enough to get one that perfectly suits you. Or that what you think until you’re thrown into work politics, taking shit from your boss and being blamed for things that should have gone right, but was somehow brought down because of your lack of experience. Which brings me to the rest of the 99.9 percent of us who look for jobs outside the campus of the university. This picture below kind of summarizes my point when people select you for those roles :


Or maybe something like this:


Yes, sadly that is the case. And the fact that India is number one in producing engineers isn’t helping either. Another way of getting into an organisation is like a closely guarded secret that everyone knows but does not talk about, sort of like sex. “Recommendation” – that, right there is a very powerful tool. And it’s surprising how it works, but it does, so what the heck right. After all that, climb through the corporate ladder, pushing people around, overflowing emotions and finally get to the end and what do you do? Yes, write some recommendations. That’s basically winning in life right there, or so we assume.

Now, let’s look at what the second option takes us. These people are very interesting. Lets be honest, US has become like a second home, there are like packs of Indians everywhere. So, most of those guys who failed at the first option get here. And those people who were called by there relatives, and friends also constitute this group. Also, a few group of friends who just follow their friends and start collecting LOR’s, SOP’s, GRE, TOEFL, et cetera, et cetera, all this before you even start the application process for an university. You have to make sure, so you apply for so many, you spend so much, with mostly of thoughts like this:


And when you finally get there, you realize it is such a pain in the back and you’ll do it anyways cause you just spent a hell lot of money and other Indian stuff like family and relatives and stuff. Showing off that you’re “enjoying” yourself on FB, and people go “wow”. And the one fine day, you finish your masters (yaaaay!), time to celebrate right? Oh no no no, you’re back to square one, which bring us to step number one, with just another thing in your resume – over qualification. Don’t get me wrong, you will somehow find a job and start it and earn, if you’re hardworking and still passionate about the stream that you took.

Now has anyone ever thought why there are just two options? Yes, think about it, why engineering? Were you really the one who chose that? Now I don’t want this to be like the article that point out the naked truth that we are lead or even pushed into this, but what to do if you are. Try to be productive anyways, like not being “bored”. Write a blog like this(:p), also, there is no job that is below your self assumed “standard”. Any and every experience is a good experience.You can’t start your career with an armani tux and go to board meetings. Besides, there is the option of quitting anyways, but, don’t quit immediately, go with it to a point where you know you have met a saturation point. Yes, salary is another thing, but if you’ve been able to read this post, on a laptop, phone or tablet, I don’t think that will be much of a hindrance. The whole point is, you don’t have to go to an interview and tell them you haven’t been doing anything after college, but can give them the simple truth that you like exploring options and have the ability to get out of your comfort zone, you might even find your actual passion in the end, you never actually know. So, just calm down, take a deep breath, and do what you want to do, anything at all, just experiment…


The 120,000$ electric car:

Tesla has now taken the wraps off the P85D, an all wheel drive car. Yes, it takes just 3.2s to get to a 60 and yes, that puts it on par with some of the most sophisticated sports cars of 2014. The conventional fossil fuel running counterparts use a single engine to run all four wheels or sometime all 6 wheels, thus the power needs to be transmitted through a drive shaft and a transfer box. This may seem all too easy, but still we can’t make an absolute 100% effective automobile. Tesla on the other hand has placed two motors on each of the axles, powered by their batteries. This may not be 100% efficient either but is really effective than a single engine powering all four wheels and is also said to save battery when compared to the P85.


All of this sounds good, actually its really great. What actually troubles me is the “auto-pilot” feature that has been announced. This is a feature that allows the driver to “relax” during the “boring” part of the drive. This reminded me of another company that has planned it for a bit bigger vehicle, the Mercedes future truck 2025. The video that is shown in the Daimler channel on YouTube shows a futuristic tron looking truck driving across a highway while subtly showing a Samsung tablet (no, I have no idea why either) to control the in house functionalities. The Tesla says that they have radars around the car in all directions so they can have a sweep view of all 360-degree. These have been pretty standard in high end cars, just separate systems with names like cruise control, lane assist, electronic brakes and I can keep going on. What does put the Tesla apart is that it can read signs and choose to slow your vehicle for you, check your appointments in the morning, scan the location for any traffic, back out of the garage and pick you up from your doorstep, maybe even play your favorite tunes and switch on the air con. At least that’s what was promised by Elon Musk himself.


What actually bothers me is that they have said that these features will be added over the next few months over updates through the software. Now, this may sound really good, but what if the software ends up as the ios 8.0.1 update. A phone that gets bricked is not exactly as dangerous as a car that can accelerate to 60 in under 3.2s. And since most of the electronics are controlled by a software, it seems kind of intimidating. But, again if Tesla has proved something over the years, they are pretty damn good with almost no hiccups. Future does look well then? We’ll have to wait and see…

Switching from democracy to monarchy:

So, let’s start this article with a disclaimer. I am not in any way comparing android and IOS, just merely stating the differences and views of a person switching from one to the other.images

I’m going to start this from the point of “why”. I have always been a fan of phones in common. And like anyone else, always had an eye for the iPhone. But, until this day the size of the iPhone always seemed a bit small. For me the 4.5” to 5” seems to hit the right spot. Yes, I am aware that taste may differ. The part of switching from an android to an IOS is not an easy task either. Downloading the iTunes and a software to transfer photos and files was also included in the process.

I have never personally used an apple product before. But, the iPhone 6 seemed right at home for me. The translucency of the software and its seamless working also seems very, appealing and elegant. The switching may have been like switching from a democracy to a monarchy, but there have been and still are places where monarchy works. I did miss the notification light, and the widgets. But as I used this device, and it seems like there’s not much that i’m missing.

The protruding camera has been an issue for the internet when the iPhone 6 was announced. There is an android counterpart that has the same design. The Nexus 5 has a flat back and a protruding camera as well. And I was used to that and hence had no issue. A feature that I also enjoyed was that each and every app could be restricted from the hardware part of the phone like the camera or mic, etc. This was just one huge list on an android phone when you download the app from the playstore describing that the app demands all of them and no way to restrict it.


The design of the iPhone 6 can still be debated over and over again. But, it is an absolute piece of stunning aluminium and glass integrated together. Especially the subtle curve at the end of the screen. I actually enjoy the rounded off edges and sides. It’s like the whole phone just falls into place.

The IOS is not perfect though, apps did force close for unknown reasons, and i’m running IOS 8.0.2. Finding things needed inside the settings is not a piece of cake either and will keep a first timer busy or in a worst case scenario lost within itself like an abyss. And when it comes to design and customization, there’s not much you can do. Apps go to specific places, where they want to and they can also be grouped. But, that is just about it. No way to change how the icon looked or the way things moved around.

Now there’s one part of getting the phone that everyone knows and may choose to ignore or completely turn down. It is a “fashion statement”. Yes, it is. But, showing it off to friends seems to send the wrong vibe altogether. Even posting a video supporting the phone automatically makes you an iSheep and are slapped on the face with an apple fan badge. I use many different devices for different purposes and for a phone I made the recent choice of getting the iPhone 6. Firstly I have used phones from nokia, siemens(yes, the weird looking small ones), blackberry to the latest android phones from an HTC, samsung and right down to a nexus. And quite frankly the whole, “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.” statement started by apple, when repeated by a fellow mate, seems like a desperate cry of “you too brutus!” and the nature of a jealous and desperate person who couldn’t get his hand on one. My friend also said a “Jesse Pinkman” style statement, “I have a nexus b**ch!”. I still don’t see the hassle that goes on and the views of people when they see a person using an iPhone. He or she is just using a phone! Mind your own damn business!

And a bonus tip, if you’re in the gulf, then the facetime and iMessage features are banned for some unknown reason. So, yes, one of the best feature is locked away from you.


Android and world domination:

  Google has launched the “android one” program as promised, in the less fortunate places of the world. For those folks who are still staring into an open space, the program is something that promises google’s very own uncluttered and clean software experience coupled with timely and immediate updates. They are partnering with local OEM’s to make this thing happen. Sound a bit too familiar? It should, google has just taken nexus program and let it off the leash. The nexus, which is one of the most coveted devices in the mobile industry.


This program has now started with India. People were pretty skeptical at first when google promised a clean android experience for less than 150$. Google has since partnered with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice to kick start this in India, releasing devices for just about 120$. These OEM’s have the experience of releasing phones and marketing them in it must be the right move, kind of.


Now, these people now have access to get much more affordable and “properly working” products, also it all seems like a solid move, that could just lead to world domination for android. But are we forgetting the people who have had the privilege of owning a nexus or a GPE(google play edition) device? I mean, what is google thinking? One of the main reasons of owning a nexus device is the exclusivity of the product and showing off the phone to the people who have just spent their hard earned money on devices that are small, with specifications that are barely there(yes, you know what I’m talking about). Now though, that could just have taken a turn with the A1 program.


But, there seems to be a solution to that too, well, sort of. The android “Silver” program, that can mean premium handsets. Which is kind of the opposite of the nexus projects, since I subtly put in the word “premium”. Then again these are just rumors and even the silver program seems to be in a halt for some reason. It just may be a bit too early to predict. Or is this actually an end to the nexus program that google has been taking through for the past 5 years or so? I guess, in a more dramatic way of ending things, only time can tell…



More details can be seen at:

The NEW(OLD) galaxy note line:

What would you do, if you were a company with billions of dollars to throw around, didn’t give a damn about the design of a device and just unveil a device for the namesake of introducing a new device, cause the old one is about a year old?? In that case you’re name is probably Samsung. Now, I know i’m not the only one who feels this way.

So, sticking to the traditional samsungy design, the Note 4, looks more like the S5 and the alpha had a cousin. They are fused together in a clump of software and hardware combined. The ugly or the cute cousin you ask? i’ll let you decide that. Cause it seems to be an easy choice. Its got the faux leather back, the alpha inspired, contoured sides and of course the S pen stylus “adding functionality” to the device.

The interesting difference is that the usb 2.0 port has replaced the 3.0 port from the note 3. That’s a step backward, yes, but for the folks who worry about the charging, it has qualcomm’s rapid charge technology claiming to charge the phone within 30 minutes from a percentile of 10 to 50. Well, it’s kind of like the VOOC charging with the Oppo find 7.

The display might just jave captured the plus side here. A gorgeuos QHD display, with samsung’s super AMOLED technology. Brings that screen to life when compared to the LCD panels from other phones.

Camera seems to be taking on a good note here as the front facing camera has finally been amped up to a 3.7 mp shooter after many generations. The front shooter also has a wide angle for those selfie craving folks. It does have a feature where a photo can be taken by simply placing your finger on the heart rate monitor, placed besides the flash(yes, an HRM monitor, cause the S5 had one and hence the note SHOULD also have one). The front facing shooter seems to be a 16MP shooter, now don’t go all “S5 thing again”, but the camera now comes equiped with OIS(optical image stabilisation), yes, finally!! And hence, an amazing camera experience all around.

Coming to the specs, people expecting a 4gigs of RAM device are sure to be disappointed, just 3gigs here. Two chipsets – snapdragon 805(quadcore closcked at 2.6 Ghz) and exynos 5(octacore clocked at 1.9 Ghz). It is also about 8.6 mm thick with a 3220 Mah battery. Removable back and upto 128 gb expandable micro sd card slot. The stylus well, barely do I see note users picking out the stylus, but yes it is said to make multitasking easier and a more sensitive stylus.

Oh no, that is not the end, we have to cram in another model, cause if one fails, the other can succeed or well, one device could just cannibalise the other one. The second one is called the note 4 EDGE. Similar specs with a tad smaller battery and thickness. The screen is curved at one egde, kind of like the prototype devices being showed off last year with the bendy screens. Comes in handy when the screen is closed or multitasking. Yes, multitasking is the “only” concern here.

So, in the end, we have a somewhat similar device like last years, a better and expected bump to all the bells and whistles. The design, well, it’s a design. Who would buy the device? It is a samsung device, brand seems to talk a lot about devices these days and hence, let’s see where all this is headed, especially with a particular competitor ready to announce their flagship in about a week.

For more hands on video check out the verge, at


The Blackberry devices of 2014:

This week we have news from N4BB. It was said that Blackberry were going to unveil not just two devices, but five for 2014 and well, we know about the Z3, which was all bets placed on the developing markets and target crowds, where Blackberry had their forte. The Blackberry classic and the passport were the other two devices, which have been announced and speculated a lot.


The other two devices were codenamed “Khan” and “Manitoba”. Manitoba other than being a state in Canada, now has more to it’s name, it turns out to be a Z3 LTE edition. It’s got the exact same specs as a Z30, with 1.7 Ghz compared to the 1.2 Ghz processor and a bump up in ram from the 1.5 gigs to a 2 gigs of ram when compared to the Z3. The only difference seems to be a glass strip at the back for the camera on top with similar designs to the old and bold 9900.


The “Khan” other than being famous names in India and well, for unspoken reasons in the US, seems to be Porsche’s first ever take on a qwerty BB10 running device. The PP’9983. You say isn’t that what the P’9981 was, well, other than having the almost same price tag, this one is said to have “more agressive looks” or a “stealth plane” like look compared to it. Other than that it’s got 3gigs of ram, 64gigs of internals and a 1.7 Ghz dual-core chip running it. Why would anyone want to buy it you ask? Cause they can.